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enParallel, Inc. accelerates scientific software using multi-core Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) technology.

The demand for increased graphics performance, driven by gaming and other Personal Computer (PC) applications, has in turn driven GPU evolution. To meet this demand for increased performance, GPUs have adopted a Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) processing model, essentially identical to that used in traditional vector-processor/supercomputer designs. It has become apparent GPUs can be used for more than accelerating graphics applications; they can accelerate generic scientific computing applications as well.

enParallel, Inc. provides expertise on how to turn Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) technologies into powerful desktop supercomputer systems. We have experts in supercomputer design, algorithms, GPU programming, and software design. A desktop supercomputer can typically increase application performance by 40 to 400 times over a standard desktop PC.

How fast can your algorithms go?

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New (12/14/2009) enParallel and Argus announce a million dollar software and solutions agreement More...

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